Causes of lupus

I. Skin redness and hypersensitivity can be caused by external environmental factors:

If no preventive measures are taken over a long period of time, the problem can develop into rosacea (a rather complex skin disease).

II. Redness of the skin can be caused by a pronounced superficial capillary network, as well as by allergic skin reactions. These problems should first be referred to a dermatologist who will prescribe treatment. Once the treatment has been completed, the aesthetician may carry out treatments or suggest measures to consolidate the results of the treatment.

ODA cosmetics and professional treatments are effective preventive measures to prevent more serious skin problems.


Chemical scrubs (peels) with selected acids help to increase the skin’s permeability to active substances. The acid for the treatment is chosen according to the current state of the skin: lactic acid is suitable for sensitive skin and glycolic acid for non-sensitive skin. Always start with a lower concentration of acid.

After neutralising the acid, it is recommended to apply serums on dry skin:

ODA Soothing Serum with Cordyceps – a unique ODA product developed for irritated, red, extremely sensitive or allergic skin. The product contains Chinese Cordyceps extract, a bioactive ingredient from a plant native to the Himalayas, which is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins E and C, and minerals selenium and zinc. The serum, enriched with multicoloured sponge extract, has irritation-reducing properties, protects the skin against hypersensitivity caused by adverse environmental influences, and is a powerful antioxidant.

The tetrapeptide in ODA Dilated Capillaries Serum helps to reduce the redness caused by dilated blood vessels and post-inflammatory signs. The product has skin smoothing properties and firming effect. Tetrapeptides reduce the amount of interleukins released during inflammation, resulting in a reduction of redness, dilated blood vessels and post-inflammatory signs such as increased pigmentation or skin plumping.

ODA repair serum containing a stable form of vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the skin’s immune properties, acts on the contraction mechanism of the capillary walls and brightens the skin. It is an effective aid for sagging, tired, puffy skin. The serum visibly strengthens the skin’s structure, has a whitening effect and reduces pigment spots.

ODA Repair Serum with Vitamin C is a product with a thicker consistency, enriched with active ingredients and is recommended for exceptional cases, such as burns or severe skin irritation after a procedure. The product has skin regenerating and irritation soothing properties. The serum helps the skin to calm down in particular after sunburn or mountain frostbite; it nourishes and restores the natural moisture balance. It is an exclusive product containing a stable form of vitamin C, as well as Lanthanum compounds that activate cell regeneration, accelerate the skin’s healing process and quickly resolve the problem.

Alginate masks and a soothing post-treatment cream are particularly suitable for completing the acid peel treatment.


For continued therapy at home, one of the above serums and other ODA products are recommended.

ODA’s Restorative Cream for dry/sensitive skin, which contains the enzyme Kudzu Zymbiosome to prevent allergic reactions, avocado and almond oils to restore the moisture balance, protect against adverse environmental effects, chafing, inflammation, and to soothe and strengthen the skin’s immunity. It is particularly suitable for use after an acid scrub, when the skin may become dry, sensitive and irritated.

ODA Masking Cream for Sensitive Skin, which contains Kudzu Zymbiosome, has a soothing effect on the surface of the skin, protects (SPF15) against UV rays; without clogging the pores, it is particularly good at masking unevenness of relief and colour. The tone of the cream adapts easily to the individual skin tone.

ODA anti-redness mask, used twice a week. Enriched with active ingredients (Telangyn peptide and troxyurutin) that strengthen the permeability of the capillary walls and affect their contraction mechanisms. It also soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and the visibility of dilated capillaries.

A properly designed cycle of treatments and carefully selected home remedies effectively improve or completely resolve redness problems.